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Work for critique with Kat


most recent work

this is the start of a painting started this week. I have had this chair since childhood and in this image of it I am trying to capture a childish depiction of it as well as the sort of daydreamy nature of childhood.
these next drawing are apart of my 5 minute drawing practice. This one I think was the most successful of the bunch,.
this one was the worst. the line work is to busy for me

Recent painting and new project!

this painting was an exploration in the ephemeral. The way the painting was made the paint is incompatible with the paper and will eventually flake off revealing more layers of paint and underdrawings. This way the art work is always changing and performing, and it has a life time because eventually it will just be paper with a paint residue. Anywhere that’s white will crack and fall away. I was heavily influenced by Cy Twombly when creating thus work and will be making more work with a classical influence. The cracking will happen over months so I will update as it changes.
this is the first a new drawing series I’ve started of 5 minute figure drawings. This one was my brothers girlfriend who was quarantined with me. I plan on making one everyday or so.


Photo grid

Single color arrangement


rainbow arrangement

Robert Ryman

Robert Ryman’s use of taupe is to be the back drop to his use of white, because his work seems to be consecrated on how white is not a background color a different background had to be chosen. I think the choice of taupe as his background is important too because it doesn’t push the white to the background like a brighter color would.


The color taupe means mole and it was named that because the color resembles the feet of a mole. Their is also dark taupe which is the color of the fur of a mole.

Self directed paintings and in progress drawing

This is a 5 minute sketch I did in preparation for my next painting. Im try to get into figurative work as I haven’t done it in years .

Foundations at home 1

Written reflection

Luckas Ballock intresses me in that he works in a very small space and uses all everyday items in his practice. I love his way of sourcing from the dollar store and the way he slowly finds uses for the object. His process of working with objects reminds me of Duchamp in the way that he tried to unravel objects to there most basic.

I can relate to the way Luckas works because I have a very small amount of space to work in. I also don’t have much time on my hands and will mostly likely be working at nights. His use of all unconventional materials for art intrigues me and I think I’m gonna try to make work this way in the coming weeks.

Final Performance

Our group did not take a video of the final performance because the phone recording it died. I believe a Harim took a video of it.


I think the final performance went well and the end result was satisfactory, but i don’t think it really was something i was proud of. I didn’t like our groups concept much so my personal involvement was minimal because of my disinterest. I dont think thats anyone’s fault but that’s just how i felt while creating it. Going forward if i ever have to do work like this again i hope i can find some joy in it or at the least apply myself more even if i don’t like it. I am trying to be able to work at the same level about something when i’m passionate as when i’m bored with a project. This project taught me a lot of about were my artistic drive comes from and how much my passion towards a project matters.

Performance Process

These are photos taken of our process while creating the live performance. The photos range from the environment that the performance was in to the zine creation.


I honestly hated this project and working on it took a lot of strain on my love of art. If I have learned one thing over and over again in this class and in foundations its that I personally don’t like collaboration. I have learned that collaboration doesn’t really mean a even blend of ideas with a new artist outcome that neither party could make on there own. In my experience it has always ended with a watered down version of the original ideas and a breeding ground for unhappiness. This of course could be a maturity issue with myself not being able to work with other, but I truly believe collaboration leads to unsatisfying results. The only form of collaboration that works for me is when someone starts something un-influenced of the other and then it is passed off to another group member to finish. Anyway this is all to say that I didn’t enjoy this project and that I felt what I learned was that I don’t like collaborating. If I had to pick a favorite part though it would be the creation of the zine because I was left alone to work on the composition and I designed the actually images that made up every page by myself working from drawings that I cut up. This was a super enjoyable process and I could see my self working in this collage process again.